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Shayna Baszler selects 'Blame Canada' as walkout song for Sarah Kaufman fight

Shayna Baszler is set to fight Sarah Kaufman
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

According to a March 5 tweet from Shayna Baszler, "The Queen of Spades" plans to get a rise out of Canadian fight fans by walking out to South Park's classic "Blame Canada" tune at the TUF Nations Finale on Apr. 16 in Quebec City, Quebec.

Baszler, 33, was already likely to get booed during the event, as her opponent is Canadian MMA legend, Sarah Kaufman, who fights out of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Since Baszler is already expecting to feel the wrath of the Canadian crowd, she figures she might as well take things a step further with a walkout song that takes a light-hearted jab at "The Great White North."

For UFC fans who are unfamiliar with the "Blame Canada" song, it essentially blames the country for everything wrong with the world.

With all their beady little eyes and flapping heads so full of lies, Blame Canada! Blame Canada! We need to form a full assault. It's Canada's fault!

Analysis: Obviously the song's lyrics are meant to be taken in a jokey manner, and not meant to be taken seriously. Baszler doesn't actually believe all the world's problems were created by Canada.

She's simply doing her part to play up the role of the heel. During past fights, Baszler has walked out to heavy metal tunes such as Bolt Thrower's "Anti-Tank."

Props to "The Queen of Spades" for doing something a little different this time around.

The TUF Nations Finale features a headlining bout between Michael Bisping and Tim Kennedy, along with a welterweight clash between Patrick Cote and Kyle Noke.

Also on the card, Mark Bocek fights Evan Dunham in lightweight action.

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