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Shawty Lo leaves great impression on MI fans


Not too quick to dis a southern jam that has a nice beat and a catchy hook--If I can shake my booty to the song then it definitely gets kudos from ya girl. But when Shawty Lo released the hit single, “Foolish”, a mostly mellow and syrupy flow that caught my attention, it was something to ride or smoke to. I originally criticized L-O’s raspy voice and flow to that of a copycat of Young Jeezy. But there was something about Shawty Lo that distinguished himself away from Jeezy and he had won me over—maybe it was the “boy you a fool” that I liked. And never one to swoon quickly over a rapper’s looks, once I finally saw what Shawty Lo was lookin’ like, I wasn’t a bit disappointed by his Africanesque colored skin and features and clean-cut swagger style.

Recently before I chopped it up with Shawty Lo backstage for the Real Music Tour with Rick Ross, I didn’t know what to expect. Although I didn’t like his unoriginal and overused set intro, the Boyz II Men “Uhh Ahh” countdown…”10-9-8-…3-2-1…injection fellas” I enjoyed seeing L-O in action for the remainder of the show. During the middle of Shawty Lo’s performance on stage, I was able to get off one of the limited edition RYC 24/7 CDs, Smokeouts, Bar-B-Ques, & Cardparties Vol. 1 to a dude serving as his hype man. I was more than content with that. As he rapped, “if u wanna fly, n*gga hang on me…” his hype man simultaneously grabbed a bit of Shawty Lo’s white T as he hung on ready for lift off. The guy next to me hugged me back, as we danced together until the end of the song, saying “they had perfect timing, they looked sweet!” Shawty Lo gave a great performance as he fed off the crowd who was feeling him. He finally jumped down off stage, walked the perimeter of the main floor seating area, and exited to the backstage area.

Let me say that first and foremost, I previously dug his music, but after peeping his cool and down-to-earth demeanor, I am now a Shawty Lo fan to the point where I’d purchase his material. He showed much love to everyone around him, remaining approachable, allowing fans to snap photos and taking another one of my CDs (me being Miss Persistent getting it in!).

Lilmissdottie: “This is Lilmissdottie: theWordStylist and I’m reppin my city with Shawty Lo, he’s in the building, he’s showing love to the people, and I must say he is handsome with or without the stunner shades like me. I’m still cute with or without them. What’s going on?”

Shawty Lo: “What’s happ’ning, this ya boy Shawty Lo…tip toes down, man, I’m in Michigan right now let’s get it!”

L: “What do you think about the D? About Michigan? What do you do when you come here? What’s the unofficial tour you’ve been getting?

S L: “Man, what I do when I get here, man yo, I have fun with the ladies and chill with my homeboys. I go to the casino and I gamble and have a good time, and you know, it is what it is…”

L: “Fasho, fasho…now the D4L, Down For Life, what’s that all about? And who are y’all trying to break next?”

S L: “Basically I’m breaking my group, [inaudible], right now they’re with me right now, Costra Nostra Chain Gang, you know, the Get Fresh Crew. You know what I’m saying, we all here in the building, in the D, so you know, that’s what’s up next. My album, entitled I am Carlos, coming this July.”

L: “Okay, sweet. Now, you’re getting money and all that, and you mentioned the ladies; You f*ck different now, or you f*cking the same?

SL: “Hunh?”

L: “I said, you think you're f*cking different or you f*cking the same?”

SL: “I’m f*cking the same man, I do what I do, I been about f*cking baby [laughs]

L: “[laugh] Alright, fasho. I always get it in, Lilmissdottie, I do the F*ck Song of The Week; they give me all the baby-making music and send it my way. And we got Detroit Streets of FM98WJLB; all the Detroit artists, locally, they get the music to him first. Who from y’all area y’all just like, damn, I gotta get the music to them first?

SL: “DJ Scream

L: “Okay, that’s what’s up.”

SL: “That’s what’s happ’ning…peace out”

L: “Thanks!”

So there you have it, a raw and real interview of how I get down when I hit the streets. You can hear the actual audio here.

I want everyone to spread the word that Shawty Lo got love for the D and most importantly, he shows love to the people and wasn’t on some Hollywood sh*t. I certainly didn't bother with the whole beef with T.I because first, it is so played out and I'm not endorsing beefs.  Fans need to check out Shawty Lo's new song, Roll the Dice, in which he refers to the beef he had with T.I. On the track, he says, I'm a king, you're a king...I'm a man, you're a man." The song appropriately explains that the media glorified the beef, as he compares Be sure to buy his latest joint, Units in the City, keep your ears out for all his crews from D4L Down For Life, and cop that joint I am Carlos when it drops this summer.  His latest single, Supplier, features Lil Wayne & Trey Songz. Support him, he's a good dude!

For more info:  Asylum Records  Watch for Shawty Lo when he returns to Detroit on June 7th for the Summer Jam.