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Shawnee Lookout Archeological district

Another historic Archeological site that can be visited is known as the Shawnee Lookout Archeological District. This district is located at the southwestern corner of Ohio. It is southwest of Cleves in the Miami Township. The district is a total collection of forty-six archaeological sites that spread out over an area of 2,000 acres. Close to thirty-four of these sites consist of 1,000 acres in Shawnee Lookout Park. With a combination of river bottoms and wooded hillsides the park is a perfect place for a prehistoric settlement. With several artifacts dating back to ten thousand years they represent various groups like the Archaic people, the Hopewell tradition and other Woodland period people. Some of the artifacts that have been found are biological remains such as bird bones, deer bones, walnuts, turtle shells, and fish bones.

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