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Shawn White Confirmed for Vancouver

Go For Gold
Go For Gold

Well its no surprise but Shawn White Snowboarding legend in the making is headed to the olympics again. With his win at the Grand Prix of Mammoth Mountain in California he locked in his place on the Olympic  Snowboard Halfpipe team. White has continued to revolutionize the sport of snowboarding and is gaining more confidence in his vast array of double corked tricks in the pipe. Shawn should dominate at the Olympics again this time around as he is having a phenomenal season. He is already competing against the best in the world and " Throwin it down " all over the world in the past few years he should come out on top without too much trouble in Vancouver. He should be joined by Louie Vito, Danny Kass, and injury willing Kevin Pearce on the team for the US. We should have very good representation in this sport, and why not snowboarding was made in the US . We invented it, we perfected it, we own it. So show support to Shawn and the rest of the guys as they chase gold medals and a loop hole in the laws of gravity


  • todd potter 5 years ago

    go shawn we need a double corked 12 at the olympics