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Jay Z premieres 'JAY Z GOLD' fragrance

Created by Jay Z with Firmenich perfumer extraordinaire Ilias Ermenidis, JAY Z GOLD is a fragrance that reflects an unmistakable ultra luxurious signature. Inspired by an icon, the white fougere fragrance is a perfectedly layered blend of yellow ginger, white cardamom and grapefruit with a hint of blueberry. At the heart, a refined infusion of violet leaf, cypress, lavender and luxurious vetiver with a thread of pink pepper gives a tailored, modern signature. A rich note crafted with golden amber, patchouli, teak and bourbon vanilla give a final shot of gilded sensuality.

Shawn JAY Z Carter with GOLD JAY Z fragrance
Shawn JAY Z Carter with GOLD JAY Z fragrance
Shawn JAY Z Carter with GOLD JAY Z fragrance

Designed by Jay himself, the fragrance is in a pure white matte flask with the JAY Z GOLD logo raised and etched in gold. As expressed in the gilded cap, “Power,” “Pride,” “Confidence,” “Strength,” “Success,” and “Courage,” capturing the essence of JAY Z GOLD.

I was impressed with Jay Z’s style and confidence and was drawn to the ease with which he carries himself and all of his success,” says Ilias Ermenidis. “He has a natural cool that people want a piece of. In developing JAY Z GOLD, I wanted to capture both the vibrant ambitious part of Jay Z’s charismatic persona and his effortless style that he naturally embodies through a fusion of notes chosen by Jay Z.”

Jay Z is one of the world’s leading artists, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and visionaries of our time,” says Donald J. Loftus, President of Parlux LTD., Inc. “He continues to re-write rules and sets new standards, turning everything he touches into gold. His first fragrance, JAY Z GOLD, captures his original style and distinct brand of success.”

Eau de Toilette Spray 90 ml
Eau de Toilette Spray 50 ml
Eau de Toilette Spray 30 ml

Since 1996, 17-time Grammy award winner, Shawn "Jay Z" Carter has dominated an evolution in pop culture. Between multiple businesses and accolades spanning the recording industry to global investment leaders such as Warren Buffet, Jay personifies the "American Dream." He is Founder and Chairman of Rocawear and is majority owner of the 40/40 sports clubs.