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Shawn Amos shares information on new residency

Shawn Amos plays the blues
Shawn Amos plays the blues
Photo by Eric Lee Martin.

Every Thursday in May, Shawn Amos will be in residency at The Parlor Hollywood, playing the blues. This sensational musician and highly successful entrepreneur is ready to rock with a new EP entitled Tells It.

Along with inspirational talent, Amos is associated with fascinating people and events. Just for example, he worked for Quincy Jones. Furthermore, Amos' father was the first African-American talent agent in Hollywood (and, yes, his dad is Famous Amos).

This interview series begins with a discussion of the residency.

W.E. What aspect of your residency at The Parlor Hollywood are you most excited about?

S.A. We played a private surprise party there for a good friend of mine, Jason Zone Fisher. He's a TV and web host. Hysterical, fearless dude. The owners of the club really dug our set and asked us back. I don't think they had thought of booking blues, which is the case with certain clubs. The blues is not people's minds until they hear it and then they say, "oh yeah, this music rocks."

So now we have a May residency there and I'm looking forward to being a bar band for a month. It's funny, the blues largely lives in bars as "bar music" alongside cover bands and karaoke nights. We're gonna turn the Parlor into a real 1960s Chicago blues joint. That's a very different thing. A lot more sweat. A lot rougher around the edges.

Residencies give you a chance to explore, discover new tricks, and build a real fan base. We played over 60 shows last year at our Mr. C residency. It put jet fuel to our musical growth.

The interview continues with part two as Amos discusses his new EP.

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