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Shawn Amos discusses his musical journey

Shawn Amos brings the blues
Shawn Amos brings the blues
Photo by Eric Lee Martin

Continuing from part three, the interview conversation focuses on how Shawn Amos successfully approaches the journey of balancing music and business.

In specific, the conversation turns to Freshwire, one of the content creation companies that Amos originally founded and continues to run. Amos offers an intriguing response that offers further insight as well into the making of his new blues EP Tells It.

W.E. Is there anything that you would most like to share about Freshwire?

S.A. To be honest, I resisted using my business brain for the first year of this musical journey. I just wanted to learn the music, find my voice, play the harp, and build a show that was real and honest. It was only after finishing the EP that I allowed my business head into the room. And it's a dangerous thing. I really want to avoid killing the joy by injecting too much business into it. Still, at the same time, I dig it and people dig it so it makes sense to apply some structure to the thing so it can grow. I want to be doing this when I'm 65 and beyond so how do I sow the seeds now? That's where the business comes in, I guess.

Starting Freshwire taught me a lot about trusting your instincts and surrounding yourself with smart people. It seems my musical and business instincts are paying off. I've also a killer band and a seriously smart bunch of content folks at Freshwire. I'm keeping good company and good music. What could be better?