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Shave your way to save

Let's face it, women have way more real estate to shave in the shower everyday then men do, and between the cost of razors, shaving creams and lotions it can get pretty expensive just to have smooth, soft skin. Yes guys, you have it easy! Many companies have come out with special creams and shaving lotions that are outrageously priced and don't last long.

Using conditioner can improve your shaving experience while lightening up your budget!
Photo by Angela Weiss

Using a hair conditioner in place of your shaving creams and lotions is an excellent alternative to shave with. Some of the specialty shaving lotions even say on the back that you can use them as conditioner for your hair so most likely that's all they really are. Any conditioner will do as long as it allows the razor to glide effortlessly down your skin giving you maximum results while leaving your skin hydrated and smooth. Conditioners that are mentholated are nice because they leave the skin feeling cool, crisp and fresh but it can be any conditioner of your choice. Most thinning hair conditioners are mentholated if you are looking for one to use. Of course salon conditioners work best and have a better quality of ingredients in them then less expensive ones. If you are going to buy from a salon, ask your stylist to order you a liter of the product because the bigger you buy the less you'll pay per ounce. If you have issues with ingrown hairs this is also a great way to help eliminate them because you are getting a much smoother shave and that helps to prevent them. This should help your budget out especially if you're a daily shaver.

Just a reminder for those of you who don't know this tidbit of information, never shave your legs less then twenty-four hours prior to a pedicure or going in any public water supply whether it's the neighborhood pool or the beach. Shaving opens your pores and can allow bacteria to enter your body and blood stream that may result in sickness or even death.

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