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Shave off the pounds with Studio Soma

Soma aficionados get down at the "Cardio Boogie" class, held every Monday.
Soma aficionados get down at the "Cardio Boogie" class, held every Monday.
Thalia Thomas

Welcome to "motivation limbo" -- that precarious period somewhere between New Year's resolutions and the time when magazines start touting bikini bodies for summer. (Prime time for girl getaway fun!) If you're struggling to stick with your exercise regimen and looking to lose 10 pounds or more, consider taking on the "Lose to Win" challenge at West Hollywood's Studio Soma. An eight-week weight loss program, the challenge requires participants to attend Soma's various classes four times a week -- from dance classes to mat Pilates to the studio's patented SomaSculpt (not for the faint of heart!).

Past participants have lost up to 20 pounds and 20 inches, thanks to a recommended diet, the fitness component, and the motivation of owner Thalia Thomas and her trusty team. Participants are weighed and measured every two weeks, and at the end of the eight weeks, the two people who've lost the most pounds and inches, respectively, are crowned the challenge winners. The prize? 10 privates (worth $700) or six months of unlimited mat classes (worth $900). Participants are also separated into teams and have a chance to win prizes that way as well -- it's all part of Thalia's plan to reward participants for putting a priority on health and fitness. "We want everyone to know that our main goal is bettering people's lives," she shares. "In the long run, we win because people are then addicted to exercise."

For more info: The challenge starts this week! For more information, visit or call 310-289-9043.