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2014 Winter Olympics

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Shaun White’s Sochi Olympic moment includes meeting fans from Make-a-Wish party

Shaun White’s Sochi Olympic moment includes meeting fans
Shaun White’s Sochi Olympic moment includes meeting fans
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Olympian Shaun White hit the halfpipe at the Sochi Olympics with the world watching. The talented athlete has plenty of reasons to be focused on the course as he once again competes for Team USA. While some of the spectators watching his runs on the slopes are his biggest fans, there were also a few special fans in the crowd too. According to the Washington Post on Tuesday, Shaun White made the Make-a-Wish foundation fans excited when he jumped the fence and mingled with a couple of youngsters who were watching the qualifying event.

The Make-a-Wish party was in a place where they could see the star, but couldn't get close enough to say hello. Noticing the USA flags, the athlete jumped the fence and made a wish come true. Meeting Ben Hughes of St. Louis and Kaitlyn Lyle of Alabama, the moment was spontaneous and gave the youngsters a big smile.

Both Americans wanted to see Shaun White on the halfpipe and came to the Sochi Olympics with the Make-a-Wish Foundation’s party. Dealing with serious illness, it appears they got to see the man who inspired them and even got the chance to meet Shaun White too.

Shaun White has been dealing with plenty of rumors in Sochi about his decisions for the Olympics. However the athlete has always stayed true to his fans and that totally rocks!