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Shaun White's halfpipe woes subtle as Danny Davis's words sound a bit entitled?

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Reports of Shaun White complaining about the halfpipe course in Sochi comes on the heels of the icon backing out of the Slopestyle event. This time White is not alone and he is one of the more diplomatic complainers today. His fellow American snowboard teammate, Danny Davis, just came right out and tagged the halfpipe as "garbage," among other things, according to Yahoo Sports on Feb. 10.

White said that while the halfpipe has improved in one area, it hasn't in another. He adds that he is confident the course will be up to par for the final session of training on Monday before the halfpipe event on Tuesday, reports the San Jose Mercury News.

Shaun White is target of snowboarder’s anger and a few harsh words

Danny Davis, a respected snowboarder from the U.S., said that the course should be "flawless," after all this is the Olympics. Davis said, "What a lame showcase of snowboarding, and what a lame way to treat the athletes."

Wow, some harsh words coming from a guest of this country. Along with displaying the skills of the Olympic athletes, the Olympics is a place for Americans to show what Americans are all about. He might have missed the boat on that one. Someone not knowing a thing about the American people might misunderstand them as entitled if they were to consider this display is an example.

It sounds as if Danny Davis just let it rip and shared his feelings just as he sees it. White came under verbal attack last week from another snowboarder Brandon Davis, who was angry that White backed out of the slopestyle event too late for Brandon Davis to be put in that spot.

Maybe White doesn't dare ruffle any more feathers and decided to tread softly on complaints when it came to the halfpipe. Or just maybe he was acting professional like he usually does.

For Danny Davis to share such harsh words about the halfpipe, and for him to call the treatment of the athletes "lame," this might give folks a bad impression about Americans. While the halfpipe is in sad shape, White did a much better job at getting this across than Danny Davis did.

Brandon Davis, Shaun White, who's slighting who? Gold for White might end angst

While White is seen as someone complaining again about one of the courses at Sochi, at least he is among others and his complaints are appropriate. He's not criticizing the course as harsh as his fellow snowboarder did.

With temps in Sochi in the 50's, it is beautiful weather to be outside, but the warm weather is playing havoc with the snow on the course. While others worry that the halfpipe won't be in tip-top shape in time for Tuesday's events, White is confident they will do their best!

If it isn't for some reason, like White reminded folks, everyone will be competing on the same course, so its not as if just one or two will be at a disadvantage. Everyone will have to give it their best on whatever the course will have to offer on Tuesday.