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Shaun White leaves Sochi: Snowboarding better off without Shaun White medaling?

Shaun White
Shaun White
Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Shaun White leaves Sochi without a medal -- no one thought they would read such headlines but White failed to medal in the men's halfpipe final, coming in fourth. On Feb. 11, Yahoo! News reported that the sad news for White might actually be good news for the snowboarding sport... at least that's how some other athletes feel.

"You know it's good for snowboarding, man. The world knows now that there are other snowboarders besides Shaun. It's great, man, because there are a bunch of good riders in our sport and they deserve some credit, too," said White's American teammate Danny Davis.

When Shaun White leaves Sochi after his not-so-great run, one has to wonder where his Olympic career goes from here. Will he come back in 2018 to try and medal again -- to redeem himself? After winning two consecutive gold medals in the event, it seems like White let himself down -- and he probably doesn't want to go out like that. So a return in 2018 would not be surprising at all.

Yahoo! poked some fun at the news stories that suggest that White is a has been. While White might not be #1 in the world, he is still a great snowboarder and people still respect him and like him. One bad run doesn't erase your amazing career.

And so Shaun White leaves Sochi a little less happy than when he arrived. But he isn't any less of an athlete or any less an amazing snowboarder. Period.

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