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Shaun White is target of snowboarder’s anger and a few harsh words

Shawn White has angered some of his fellow Olympic competitors, especially a teenager who believes that he would have taken Shaun's place on the Slopestyle Snowboard competition if he had decided to back out sooner. According to the Business Insider on Feb 7, "Shaun White screwed a teenager out of an Olympic spot by dropping out of Slopestyle at last minute."

Shaun White the object of anger today!

Critics claim that the only reason White has decided to back out of this event is because he doesn't want to lose. Shaun hurt his wrist on the course during practice this week and other athletes have also been injured.

Apparently it is too late to replace White with another competitor and the 15-year-old who most likely would have taken his place is Kyle Mack, who took to Twitter to share his disappointment. Mack writes:

"love how shaun drops out of the Olympics. That could have been my spot."

Mack might not have gotten the spot, he would have needed to accumulate enough points in international competitions to be eligible for the Olympics. But if not Mack, another person would have taken the empty slot. That probably would have been Brandon Davis who shared his unhappiness with White's decision on dropping out of the one event. Davis said:

“It just kind of sucks,” Davis told "I should be there, but Shaun decided he didn’t want to do it...It’s not a big deal for him. But for most people, the Olympics is a whole other level. It could have kicked started my career a bit, and gotten the ball rolling."

It is hard to believe that White's actions were "premeditated" as his fellow competitors are suggesting according to IBT. White usually has no fear and he goes were angels fear to travel. Do these kids realize that the guy is just one horrific risk taker? If he had fear, it was for the course itself, as he has previously said it is dangerous and not a user friendly course.

Alyssa Roenigk of ESPN reports this week that a while ago in an interview that:

"It was surprising news nonetheless. I remember White once telling me his favorite thing is to show up to a halfpipe or slopestyle competition when the weather is bad, or the pipe is cut poorly, or everyone is complaining about the course -- because that's when he shines. Everyone has to ride the same course and drop into the same pipe, and he knows he is the best rider on any day, no matter the conditions. He said he smiles knowing he is in a better place mentally than everyone else. In his mind, in those moments, he has already won."

Shaun White has blazed the trail in snowboarding events. It's quite presumptuous of these young kids to think that White, who has been the ultimate professional in this sport, would back out for fear of losing. For Davis to say "it's not a big deal for him," doesn't seem to fairly tally up White's dedication to this sport. It sounds like a continuation of the "it's all about me" generation in sports!

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