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Shaun White goes where angels fear to tread, but Sochi course brings uneasiness

Shaun White injury won't keep him out of the Sochi games, but it did but a bit of fear in him for the course.
Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Shaun White's injury won't keep him out of the game, but it did leave him a bit concerned about the Sochi course, which is deemed dangerous by the athletes. White injured his wrist on the Olympic slopestyle course at Rosa Khutor Extreme Park in Sochi and he is just one of many victims this course has claimed already. The games don't start until Thursday, but Shaun White, whose snowboarding achievements were obtained by putting fear aside many times, has a tough time doing that this time.

According to Yahoo Sports on Feb. 4, White said that the course in Sochi is intimidating, which takes away much of the enjoyment of the games. Trainers and the athletes met at the bottom of the course on Monday to discuss the dangerous areas and they made suggestions to make it a bit safer, but the games start tomorrow and the course hasn't changed.

So far a broken collar bone was suffered by Torstein Horgmo of Noway. Horgino is one of the top snowboard competitors and he will not be able to compete. Marika Enne of Finland fell and got a concussion when she hit her head during a practice run. White fell on his wrist during practice, but he will compete in the games.

White said he was hoping that the builders would make the course a little more user friendly, but he realizes he doesn't have a say in things and plans to just make the best of the Sochi experience. For White, who has gone where angels fear to tread, complaining about the danger of a course is rare, so this has to be an extremely scary ride.

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