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2014 Winter Olympics

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Shaun White fails to medal at Sochi: Retirement next for snowboarder? (photos)

Shaun White's final run at the Sochi Olympics. What is next for the snowboarder?
Shaun White's final run at the Sochi Olympics. What is next for the snowboarder?
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Shaun White was the final snowboarder down the halfpipe on Tuesday and he gave it his best shot at the Winter Olympics. The first run was tough and he didn't seem to have control. The second run? Way better and the Olympic athlete raised his hands in the air after he stopped as he knew he did his best. Unfortunately the run wasn't enough as the star was edged out of medal contention. According to the New York Times on Tuesday this is the first time since the Olympic sport was started that there were no Americans on the podium.

While American fans might have been disappointed that Shaun White didn't medal, everyone is asking what is next for the star. Rumors of retirement are being spread on social media, but nothing is confirmed so far. White went to the Olympics to pick up two medals. After bowing out of the first competition, the halfpipe runs on Tuesday were his only path to gold.

The snowboarder’s amazing career in the Olympics and his participation in other events definitely has spawned interest of the sport around the world. Giving people a chance to see some amazing moves and showing some fantastic air, it was Shaun White who offered a glimpse to the world and American fans are excited he is part of our team.

So with no medal and no more competitions in the very near future, where does Shaun White go from here? His career could take him about anywhere he would like to be in the future. Is retirement next or will he continue to compete? The fans love this Olympic athlete where his goes they will surely follow. Hopefully Shaun will let the world know soon as the rumors are getting louder and fans would really like to hear what he has decided for his future.

Take a look at the photo slideshow of Shaun White at Sochi. The tricks he performed were spectacular!

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