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Shaun White fails miserably at halfpipe: U.S. snowboarders make Olympic history

Shaun White shocked fans with his run at the halfpipe event in Sochi. He didn't win the gold, or the silver and not even the bronze. White came in fourth place marking the first time since the sport was introduced into the Olympics in 1998 that the Americans were shut out of the halfpipe event. This is now part of Olympic history.

Shaun White fails to grab Olympic medal at Sochi. White takes 4th place.
Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

According to Fox Sports on Feb. 11, a kid they call I-Pod, whose real name is Iouri Podladtchikov made the Swiss team proud taking home the gold. White has been chasing a move that Podladtchikove invented, the Yolo, but he could never master it. Japan took silver and bronze on the halfpipe.

This is a sad day for White, who is considered by most as the best snowboarder of his era, but "era" might be the keyword here. Is the Shaun White era waning and is the snowboarding world opening up to a new generation?

The 27-year-old White backed out of the Olympic slopestyle just a few days before the event, which caused an uproar. After that decision he planned on concentrating on nothing but the halfpipe event, so what happened?

White was the favorite for the gold and he was expected to go down in history for winning three straight gold medals in an individual event as only the seventh person to ever do so.

When White first attempted iPod's move, the Yolo, the icon snowboarder fell on his rear end. Then he attempted another double-cork trick and failed again at that. His board and rear end got caught on the lip of the pipe.

This awkward moment also looked like a very painful one too. While he had some good moments, there wasn't enough of those to beat out the show I-Pod put on.

I-Pod gave the judges what they wanted to see and he clearly was the winner of that event. This could cost White so much more than a gold medal.

Olympic winners are basically assured of the big bucks as a spokesperson for many different products. Advertising makes the Olympic winners millionaires overnight. Will anyone want the fourth place winner as the face to sell their wares? Maybe White's name alone might help, but chances are this loss cost him at least some offers.

Did White scowl, throw something or look shocked when he found out that it was I-Pod with the winning score? No, he gave him a big hug, rustled up his hair a bit and smiled. He looked truly happy for the kid. No one can say White isn't a gentleman and a good sport.

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