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2014 Winter Olympics

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Shaun White debuts black eye before 2014 Olympics: ‘Still in fight for Sochi'

Shaun White debuts black eye before 2014 Olympics
Shaun White debuts black eye before 2014 Olympics
Shaun White/Instagram

Shaun White is looking to have a few dark rings under his eye, but the Olympic athlete isn't one to slow down. With the 2014 Sochi Olympics coming the snowboarder is focused on making his mark in history. The athlete has done amazing tricks on the course before and he is expected to do it again. On Monday the star revealed he a nasty looking black eye from his training.

“Still in the fight for Sochi! #RussiaCalling #blackeyes #olympics,” tweeted Shaun White from his official Twitter account. The picture he attached definitely scared the heck out of everyone as you don’t get a black eye like his unless you impact the face hard.

While fans understand the athlete needs to train, everyone hopes Shaun finds some ice for the nasty bruise. As the Olympics highlights all the amazing tricks and speeds athletes are able to conquer, behind the scenes before they head to the Winter Olympics, the athletes encounter plenty of injuries. It could be a black eye or even a broken bone.

Perhaps that’s why America loves Team USA so much. No matter how hard these athletes fall, they get back up and try again. The injuries are temporary setbacks that make a stronger and smarter athlete.

Hopefully Shaun White will feel better soon. And this black eye is gone way before the Olympics open.

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