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Shaun White breezes qualifying run: Plans 'something special' in run for gold

Shaun White breezed through the qualifying runs on the halfpipe today, looking as if he was born on a snowboard. He is well positioned for his run at his third gold medal when he takes to the halfpipe today for the real deal, according to Fox News on Feb. 11.

Shaun White breezes through the qualifying runs on halfpipe, now on to win his third Gold!
Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

The less than stellar halfpipe course has been the subject of discontent from the snowboarders. While the course is better than it was during the practice runs on Monday, White said "I'm really hoping it holds up for finals."

White promises "something special" during his Olympic run today, what that is he's not saying. "You heard the rumors," he said. "I've been working on some big tricks." He went on to say that "There's definitely something special. I'm going to play it by ear, though."

Watching White on the snowboard is like watching a piece of artwork come together. Now that he promises this "something special" his fans will be waiting anxiously to see just what that is.

White is not regretting his decision to pull out of the Slopestyle event, even as the criticism piled up calling it a self-serving move. He's had three full days to practice on the halfpipe, which was even more of a challenge earlier in the week when conditions were deteriorated.

Today is the day you get to see the snowboarding master do his thing and possibly bring home gold number three! Check out the video above as Shaun White has a special thank you for fans.

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