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Shaun Weiss 'Mighty Ducks' Kickstarter: Actor wants a comedy tour

Shaun Weiss is best known for his time on "Mighty Ducks." It looks like he needs to jump start his career again and that is something he will need help doing. He is now using Kickstarter to get things going again but this time he wants a comedy tour. He thinks that he would be a great comedian and this is what he wants to do with his life now. On Friday, US Magazine shared about his new Kickstarter campaign.

He wants to do a big tour and even a Netflix show about how it all goes down. Shaun made a small clip to let fans know how funny he is and see if they will help him out. He spoke out on the clip saying, ""I'm offering some insane kind of rewards. Basically if you invest, your reward is me. I will come to your house and you can shoot pucks at me," he joked. Some fans of the movie would beg to get to do this to him honestly.

Shaun Weiss hasn't been acting at all and the last time he was even in a show was in 2005. He has done a few various roles on things such as "Boy Meets World," "City Guys" and the show "Las Vegas." It seems like acting isn't really what he wants to do and he is hoping to become a comedian full-time. This is the career that he wants now and not being an actor.

It will be pretty cool if he can get enough people involved in his Kickstarter campaign. Only time will tell if enough people are willing to donate to him and help him out. Obviously he needs some financial help if he is trying to get some people to help him start his new career. Best of luck to Shaun Weiss!

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