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Shaun van Steyn, photography in ‘Now & Then’ exhibit, Falls Church Arts

Now-Windmill Generators-Spain HR
Now-Windmill Generators-Spain HR
Shaun van Steyn

Shaun van Steyn is known for his enthusiastic support for the arts in Falls Church. He is exceptionally creative as a photo artist as well, and his work is included in the “Now & Then” exhibit that is curated by Theresa Stifel, of Stifel & Capra.

Shaun is joined by fellow artists
James George

Asked to describe the exhibit and his contribution, Shaun replied.

“The present juried exhibit ‘Now & Then’ with the theme of past and present allows the artist to reminisce nostalgic comparisons by drawing contrasts open to interpretation.

I chose a theme portraying the passage of time and how we are moving into a ‘Green’ era towards conservation and clean producing energy. There is a lot of free energy out there – it only has to be harnessed with more vigor and less political interference.

My example of ‘Now’ is a photo I took last year while travelling in Spain. The turbine windmills by themselves would have been quite bland but by including a modern highway not only balanced the image but also enhanced the present and future use of eco vehicles.

The ‘Then’ photo was taken also on a road trip thirty years ago of a farm in Oklahoma. Again, by itself, it would have been rather common. But because of the magic hour of the setting sunlight (always be aware of the quality of light) and the rays it produced served more to enhance the silhouette of the farm and the windmill. The photos are as you see them (no Adobe manipulations etc.) except I adapted the farm image from colour to black and white to correlate with the times.”

Shaun van Steyn

Now, take a look at the slideshow to appreciate and consume his photographs as art.

  • Now-Windmill Generators-Spain HR
  • Then-Windmill silhouette at-dusk BW
  • Then-What are we leaving our Kids-Florida HR

In addition, there is a picture that Shaun made of a bleeding heart flower blossom, and some shots of his work from a recent exhibit. He has amazing versatility and creative treatment employing photographic technology.

FCA GALLERY at ArtSpace Falls Church
410 S. Maple Ave.
Falls Church, VA 22046

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