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Shaun Toohey is the right candidate for the job

Shaun and Team Toohey!
Shaun and Team Toohey!
Committee to elect Shaun Toohey

June 20th, Friday night: I went to a political "kick-off" event this evening. At least that's what it was advertised as. But it didn't feel like a political event. There were kids running around everywhere, a rock and roll band, pizza, ziti and chicken fingers in a buffet line, a few
"muckety muck" politicians and officials. But otherwise, this event felt just like a family gathering.

I realized that in fact that's what it was. Shaun Toohey , candiate for a seat to represent the 1st District in our state senate presided over an event that was part political but also part "family" . The two cannot be separated in this man. And I realized that it was perfectly appropriate for a man who has aspirations not to pursue a career in politics, but to engage in public service for a brief stint in his life to make a difference for the rest of us. Shaun loves his family more than life itself. And his second love is his community and the people who live in it. He is a business owner personally sowed into the fabric of his community . His ties are deep and irrevocable.

Shaun is the only candidate I've ever supported that I can't vote for. I am from Groveland and my town is not part of the 1st district. But what draws me to Shaun, his family and his political organization is the promise that good people can run for office, win elections
and actually do good things for people

This is the type of candidate Shaun Toohey is and this is why I will hold signs for him, write things about him and tell everyone I know that the future of our families and our community can be improved with this man at the state house.

I wish all those who read this attended this event with me tonight. The energy, openness and even the "side-bar" serious talks about public policy with a few officials and politicians would lead you to conclude what I concluded.

A vote for Shaun Toohey is a vote for the hard-working people of Massachusetts who live for their children, support their parents, get involved in their communities and work diligently to better their lives, their family's lives and those less fortunate and are in need.

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