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Shaun Phillips' text is priceless as Denver licks its wounds from Super Bowl

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Shaun Phillips received a heartwarming message from his son after the Denver Broncos were massacred by Seattle in the 2014 Super Bowl. While the players and fans were licking their wounds from playing and watching this game, Phillips' little son gave his dad, and now the fans, a reason to crack a smile.

According to Mashable on Feb. 3, Phillips' son text messaged his dad, after his dad wrote to him “Sorry I let you down." The little boy’s response was simple and right to the point, “It’s ok daddy u r still my hero.”

Phillips wrote another tweet to his fans saying “Sorry we let you guys down. Messages like this is the 1 my thing that make me feel better.” Then he posted what his son had texted to him, sharing the "u r my hero" message with the fans.

From the mouth of babes! That little guy didn’t need his dad to win to be his hero. He just needed his dad to be himself. You have to admit Seattle looked like they were playing a high school team. Denver was like a school of fish out of water, but enough said about that. There is one little boy who is still very proud of his dad today.