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'Shattered Innocence' true story of Shauna Grant aka Colleen Applegate

"Shattered Innocence" 1988 Lifetime movie based on Shauna Grant/Colleen Applegate
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"Shattered Innocence" is a fact-based true story movie based on the tragic life of Shauna Grant aka Colleen Applegate. "Shattered Innocence" came to television for the first time on Wednesday, March 9, 1988. The drama is written by Thanet Richard and directed by Sandor Stern. The movie cast stars: Jonna Lee, John Pleshette and Melinda Dillon.

"Shattered Innocence" synopsis/plot

A small town girl from the Midwest has dreams of making it big in Hollywood, but her dream is deferred when she becomes a porn starlet and drug addict, which leads to her demise.

"Shattered Innocence" was inspired by the life story of Shauna Grant, also known as Colleen Applegate. The teen committed suicide in 1984 after a long battle with cocaine addiction. PBS-Frontline told her story in depth in the episode "Death of a Porn Queen," in 1988 which exposed the dangers of the porn industry. Colleen Applegate aka Shauna Grant of Minnesota was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head in Palm Springs.

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