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‘Shatner’s World’ is full of humor and great stories

Many know William Shatner for his great performances in television shows like “Star Trek,” “The Practice,” and “Boston Legal.” But his one-man comedy show, “Shatner’s World,” which ran in theaters nationwide on April 24, opens up a side of Shatner many may not know. Shatner talks about his life, both the good and the bad of it, and he tells it in such a casual and very funny way.

William Shatner in 'Shatner's World'
George Qua-Enoo Photography

The show started with a spotlight in the middle of the stage, indicating that Shatner would be “beamed” to the center. But Shatner didn’t want to make an entrance in that old-fashioned way. He ended up walking out to the stage and yelled that he was told he could make an entrance “with a rocket strapped to my a**.” He then proceeded to show a clip from his Comedy Central Roast, in which he entered on a horse.

Shatner told the audience in Hamilton, Ontario, and those watching the broadcast in theaters, about how he got into acting; how he worked with Christopher Plummer; and how a rabbi got him out of a speeding ticket in Chicago. Along with being hilarious, these stories were real, personal, and fascinating to hear.

One story about Shatner’s mother was how she would go to a restaurant and tell the workers it was her birthday. Of course, it wasn’t her birthday; she just wanted the cake. And she did this more than once. Another was about how his father wanted him to get a business degree, so Shatner could work for him. Of course, Shatner would end up going to become an actor – something his father opposed at first.

Throughout the course of the 90-minute presentation, Shatner would tell stories and show supporting clips for some of them. It was fun to relive George Takei telling Shatner: “F*** you and the horse you rode in on.” While everyone got a laugh out of it, Shatner told everyone he thought Takei was serious. And he replayed the moment where Takei said it, which showed the anger in his face.

“Shatner’s World” was shown at Cinemark 14 in Chico via Fathom Events. And despite the low turnout, every audience member got plenty of great laughs out of Shatner’s storytelling. “Shatner’s World” is a must see for fans of the actor and fans of great comedy. For those interested in seeing the show live, click here.

The Chico Events Examiner would like to thank Fathom Events for providing passes to this show.

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