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Sharpening the Aging Mind!

Alzheimer’s, mental deterioration, senility, forgetfulness, memory loss, cognitive weakness, all are terms that strike fear into us as we age and hear horror stories of other elderly people slipping into the above mentioned situations. This book can alleviate many of those fears, and in fact help you to continue an active and productive, happy life.
One of the five star reviews of this book sums up a fairly good description of it:
Review: Sharpening the Aging Mind, July 28, 2011
A'ra Blair "author of Communing With the Infinite”
“Sharpening the Aging Mind is an amazing book to really help baby boomers shift their consciousness about aging. If you've ever set your keys down and couldn't remember where you put them, and then thought perhaps you're getting Alzheimer's, this book is for you. You're probably not getting Alzheimer’s; you've just slipped into a state of being inattentive.
“This book gives you tools to sharpen your mind and avoid those scary moments when you really think you're losing it. It dispels the myth that old dogs can't learn new tricks. We actually can learn better than young minds because of our wealth of information as a foundation for further learning. This book helps you utilize the advantages that age puts before you.”

We folks over 40 begin to notice our memories are going to hell in a hurry. Scary!
We think we're getting Alzheimer's, senility, Dementia, etc. We all have heard that, "Old dogs can't learn new tricks!" Sharpening the Aging Mind will dispel these fears and myths and give you real tools to keep your mind in tact, in shape and sharp as a tack!
The mind is much like a muscle in that disuse causes atrophy while with exercise the mind can grow and develop in people more than 100 years of age...
Written by a doctor and a psychologist, Sharpening the Aging Mind is a familiar prescription for their patients and now they are releasing it to the Boomer Generation, who number more than their individual practices can handle!
Enjoy the read - and relax and enjoy your life and the memories you already have and the ones you're going to create!

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 ~ What’s the Problem?
Chapter 2 ~ Myths About Mental Deterioration
Chapter 3 ~ How the Mind Works
Chapter 4 ~ How the Mind Dysfunctions
Chapter 5 ~ Apathy to Atrophy... Stimulation to Sharpness!
Chapter 6 ~ Your Memory is Better Than You Think
Chapter 7 ~ Exercising the Mind
Chapter 8 ~ Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias
Chapter 9 ~ Keeping up the Circulation and Aeration
Chapter 10 ~Don’t Poison Those Delicate Fibers
Chapter 11 ~ Your New Lifestyle
Appendix 1 ~ Resources
Appendix 2 ~ Quit Smoking Now (also available as a separate book in Kindle format) This is added free to this book because smoking is such a damaging factor to memory and cognitive brain functions.
Read “Sharpening the Aging Mind” by Othniel Seiden, MD & Jane L. Bilett, PhD, Amazon & Kindle

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