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Sharpay returns with a Fabulous Adventure

The three-disc pack offers it on DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital copy disc.
The three-disc pack offers it on DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital copy disc.
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In a followup to High School Musical, Disney Channel television movie Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure follows Ashley Tisdale's fantastic character to Broadway, in her post-high school life. The film will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on April 19, 2011 in the United States and Canada.

There's a few options: a DVD by itself, a DVD with a Blu-ray, and a DVD with a Blu-ray and a Digital Copy disk for your mobile devices. Why bother with Blu-ray? The DVD only includes bloopers as a special feature, but Blu-ray includes the segments "Evolution of Sharpay" and "Austin cam", a student film by Austin Butler, Tisdale's co-star in the film.

Among the stars is Degrassi's Lauren Collins as Tiffany Marlos, a Canadian — the movie was actually filmed in Toronto, not New York City. She was a bit of a diva through the early seasons of Degrassi: TNG, so it should be interesting whether she'll face off against Sharpay in this new feature. The duo co-starred in Picture This, previously.

Tisdale told OK! Magazine: “It’s not really Sharpay. She’s still Sharpay, but she’s now the lead of the movie. You used to love to hate her, but now you have to fall in love with her. You get to see why she is the way she is, you see her in a different light. She’s not in college, but she’s supposed to be. She’s in New York City fulfilling her dreams on Broadway.”

The plot? Having recently graduated from East High School, Sharpay's bypassing theatre school, and setting her sights on Broadway. While performing at a charity event, she's discovered by a talent scout. But the new winner of So You Think You're America's Most Talented Performing Idol is standing in her way to the top. To top that off? The Broadway role the talent scout has in mind? It's for her dog, Boi. Contenting herself with being his entourage, she befriends a student filmmaker who's fascinated with her, and Boi finds love.

Tisdale co-executive produced, with the duo behind the original HSM films, Barry Rosenbush and Bill Borden.

High School Musical 4: East Meets West is scheduled to air on the Disney Channel in 2011. The movie will feature the new students introduced in the third movie.

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Can you say overkill? DreamWorks takes the wrong route for sequels

So, this summer, DreamWorks came out with an pleasantly original film How to Train Your Pet Dragon. It was a breath of fresh air to have something new from the studio addicted to sequels. Ha. Shortlived originality, perhaps predictably, when things are said and done, there will be three Dragon films total, four Madagascars, and six Kung Fu Panda films. Six. Later, Katzenberg noted that there's actually eight books in the series Dragon was based on, so there could well be more. To quote commentor "IllusionOfLife" on Collider: "Oh Katzenberg, and your sick love of money. Do you have to take every good idea and make it a bad one?"

I'd argue that Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure is the right way to do sequels. It takes the series most interesting (albeit not the most popular) character, and throw them into a logical new situation with new characters.


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