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Sharp reversal of Obama position on Russia's Ukrainian intervention

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The Obama Administration has reversed its earlier statements pertaining to Russia and its involvement with Ukraine, according to ABC News, Feb. 28, 2014. Earlier in the week, Secretary of State Kerry had made sharp statements that were highly critical of Russia and its involvement in the affairs of Ukraine. Late morning on Friday, Kerry warned Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov of the pitfalls of appearing to be violating Ukraine's sovereignty.

Within hours the situation began to change radically. Following is a brief scenario of Friday's events:

1) At 6 PM eastern time, U.S. officials revealed that Russian naval forces had landed at Simferopol, which is the regional capital of Crimea, along the Ukrainian peninsula.

2)President Obama took to the airways from the White House briefing room and issued this statement:

“We are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements taken by the Russian Federation inside of Ukraine."

3) Several hours later it was revealed that Russian naval forces, had, in fact, landed at their own naval base in Simferopol which is in Crimea, Ukraine. Administration officials were forced to admit that Russian officials had been forthright with the United States all along when claiming that they did not violate Ukraine's sovereignty.

Within a span of seven hours or so, the Administration's rhetoric regarding Russian intervention into Ukraine's affairs had done a complete turnaround. The most compelling aspect of this story, however, is how revealing it is of the tenuous and fragile relationship between the United States and Russia as it is in today's international political climate.