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Sharp puts life pictures to the test

Nothing blocks the eye cared for at Sharp-Rees Stealy.
Nothing blocks the eye cared for at Sharp-Rees Stealy.
Adam Benjamin

Today, you see everything before you clear. Tomorrow, you might not. Sharp's eye care team gives San Diegans preventive care to keep eyesight the same throughout life.

Or, at least clear enough to see.

Eye health problems can develop with age. Opthamologists at Sharp-Rees Stealy's optical shops prescribe the glasses and contact lenses that keep opportunities to see San Diego, inside and out, open. According to the American Academy of Opthamology, "many sight-threatening diseases, if detected early, can be cured or treated to prevent, or slow, the progression of any vision loss." WOrk shop opthamologists do at the shop on El Cajon Boulevard teaches eye care patients to carry through on fixing astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness to the end.

20-20 vision dpends on the routine examinations Sharp-Rees Stealy eyecare opthamologists give patients. Examinations Sharp calls, the "most important preventive step."

San DIegans who leave preventive care out of their life, and, experience eye troubles, join the patients treated for a disease at Sharp using "today's advanced technology." Undetected in exmainations, glaucoma, one of America's leading causes of blindness, can unexpectedly take away a peron's focus in life, and, stop typical outings. Even stop walks around the block.

Doctors at Sharp also do the work that cures glaucoma at an advanced stage. Getting rid of the glaucoma in the eye is better for life than the expensive medications patients use to treat ongoing glaucoma, and, the dosage schedule that keeps San DIegans preoccupied during the day. Coronado's Sharp eyecare doctors offer endoscopiccyclophotocoagulation. Patients can not find any other place in San Diego to get the glaucoma cure. The advanced cure technique eliminates the need to regularly depend on bothersome treatments. Sixty percent of the paients end the routine.

The work Sharp does corrects impaired vision, and more valuable, prevents disease.

This is the first article in this three article piece for American Enterprise Sequels on Thursdays.

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