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Sharp 85-inch TV: Less of a 'prototype' television offered glasses-free

A Sharp 85-inch TV that was debuted at CES 2014 is capturing a lot of attention with its 8k technology. Although the company unveiled an 85-inch 8k television last year, the one in 2014 is "less of a prototype, more of a reality, and are offered glasses-free, and 3D viewing," WebProNews reports Jan. 7.

The 8k rating for the Sharp 85-inch TV will make the device capable of handling resolutions that measure 7680 x 4320 -- 16 times more than HD televisions on the market now.

There is debate that the 85-inch TV from Sharp is too advanced in technological carrying capacity and a question over whether viewers can see the difference between ultra-high resolutions. It was highlighted in the report that most TV producers are keeping their focus on further developing 4k televisions, which faces its own hurdles in viewing quality and inability to provide full channel support from cable or satellite companies.

What separates the Sharp 85-inch TV most from the others? Mainly that the item grants glasses-free 3D viewing capabilities. In order to really notice the viewing quality of an 8k, a viewer would have to get closer to the screen than normal.

Televisions and other electronics reach higher realms of technology every year. In some cases new products are not always better, but it is a matter of consumer opinion.

Would you be interested in a Sharp 85-inch TV?

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