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Sharp 85-inch TV ahead of its time: Providers can't support full potential yet?

The Sharp 85-inch TV revealed at the CES 2014 is a big one, one of the biggest TVs yet made for the consumer market. While the overall size of the Sharpe 85-inch new offering is a jaw-dropper, this TV offers something else to get excited about, according to 14U News on Jan. 7

Sharp 85-inch TV is a jaw dropper, but it has to wait for cable and sattelite technology to catch up.

The 85-inch TV, called the Aquos Quattron Plus, offers an 8k resolution that allows you to experience 3-D TV without wearing the 3-D glasses. This new Aquos Quattron Plus has 16 times the resolution of the standard HGTVs on the market today.

It appears that the Sharp 85-inch may have jumped ahead of the technology needed to broadcast the movies, shows, sports and other venues on TV in this extreme definition. Satellite TV carriers would need to launch an entirely new satellite to bring justice to the picture the new 85-inch TV offers.

According to The Inquisitr, even the cable or fiber-based TV providers aren’t fully up to par when it comes to delivering this definition on steroids. It appears that the technology inside this new TV set needs to wait for the external providers to step into the future with their picture delivery systems.

Until that happens, this new TV cannot be utilized to its fullest potential by the consumer. There’s not time frame revealed for the 85-inch TV to hit the market, so maybe by the time it does, the world will be ready to provide the technology needed to watch it in its 3-D glory!

Another fly in the ointment has to do with what the consumer will see with this extreme definition. Will the human eye even notice the difference? This is a question asked by The Inquisitr. They also suggests that this TV might serve the consumer best for enjoying the high definition if they are closer to it. So it might need to go into a smaller living room rather than a grand family room to realize its full potential with definition.

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