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Sharp 85-inch TV: 4K wasn't enough so Sharp unveils huge 8K 3D TV

At CES 2014, Sharp unveiled an 85-inch TV with glasses-free 3D playback.
At CES 2014, Sharp unveiled an 85-inch TV with glasses-free 3D playback.

On Monday, Jan. 6, 2014, the CES 2014 saw the presentation of the Sharp 85-inch TV that stunned just about everyone there. That isn't all though as the massive television is an 8K TV that offers glasses-free 3D video playback, as reported by Yahoo News.

Created by a combination of Dolby and Philips, Sharp's 85-inch TV will offer "lifelike 3D picture" that won't require viewers to put on special glasses while at home. The resolution of the TV will be 7680 x 4320 which is 16 times that of the resolution of most HDTVs on the market today.

As of now, there is no launch date or exact price for Sharp's 85-inch TV, but it is on the horizon.

Some may claim this to be a bit of an overkill from Sharp, but there is surely going to be a demand for it, and there will be those that want it for their homes. For now, many users are trying to accept 4K TVs before trying to attempt and embrace an 8K.

One of the biggest hurdles will be the content coming from cable and satellite companies that will make best use of what Sharp's 85-inch TV can offer. Currently, even fiber-based TV providers could have some difficulty serving up the resolution for an 8K TV.

A few critics say that viewers won't even be able to notice the resolution difference between standard 1080p HD, 4K, and 8K HD. There are those that believe the human eye - even with 20/20 vision - couldn't notice the difference.

There are benefits though and with it being presented at CES 2014, be aware that the next generation is already coming.

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