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Sharon Osbourne goes nuclear on Jonah Hill's brother, Jordan Feldstein

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It seems that Sharon Osbourne has once again lost her temper. According to a Jan 26 story by E! Online, the focus of her rage was Jonah Hill’s brother, Jordan Feldstein. While it is not clear what set Sharon off, the event quickly escalated, and it was caught on film.

According to witnesses and photographs, Sharon Osbourne threw a glass of water on music industry mogul, Feldstein. The cause of the fight is unclear, but Sharon appeared to be highly agitated, and she was aggressively pointing her fingers at Jordan while she yelled at him. After a few moments of rage, Sharon grabbed a glass of water and threw the contents on Feldstein, who was sitting across the table. In the process, several bystanders became collateral damage when they were struck by the water.

While the exact cause of Sharon’s rage is unclear, it is likely related to an argument Feldstein had earlier in the evening with Sharon and Ozzy’s daughter, Kelly. Shortly Before Sharon stormed over to assault him, Feldstein was seen arguing with Kelly Osbourne.