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Sharon Glickman wins a two year terms as president of the Broward Teachers Union

The Broward Teachers Union (BTU) voted to elect BTU President Sharon Glickman to a new two year term. She was elected with 53.5 percent of 2018 votes cast. She won out over candidates Anna Fusco and Terry Preuss. In a March 21 statement from the Broward Teachers Union Public Information Office, Glickman was quoted as saying, “We must all remain vigilant in our battle to ensure the future of public education and public educators. Those who would dismantle public education for their own profit would love to see us distracted from our mission. We can’t let that happen, and we won’t let that happen,” said Glickman.

She is running a large and powerful teachers union. Some of the concerns they are facing includes a heavy reliance on standardized testing and less job security for teachers.

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