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Sharks, teachers, babies


As a father you probably need to know this.  Shark Week is coming back to the Discovery Channel. 

Is shark week appropriate for kids of all ages?  I dunno... are creatures of epic scale and mythical countenance, who stalk their prey in the dark of the oceans and the dark of our fears appropriate for children?  You bet!  Because sharks are wicked cool and I don't think there is a kid alive who doesn't like digging up worms, throwing baseballs through windows, talking back to their parents, and sharks.

And if you don't watch TV (like we don't watch TV) you should consider making an exception since it will be August, it will be Texas, and it will be educational.

And when it is done you should totally take them to the Dallas World Aquarium, which has penguins, lion tamarins, manatees, and a shark tube.  Awesome!  But the other aquarium, the one in fair park, is closed for remodeling at the moment, so don't go there.


School starts soon.  And I found this article about how important kindergarten teachers are.  You decide if they're worth more than they're paid and protest the school district accordingly.


As promised, pictures of Mike & Della's (not so little) little twin girls.  These amazing little girls made it all the way to 38 weeks!  Impressive for twins.  I can't tell them apart yet, but one of them is Cassandra, she was 5 lbs 13 oz at 18 1/4 inches long.  Her big sister by a minute is Lilyanna, 6 lbs 2 oz at just under 19 inches.

Well done to 3 amazing women. 

If either of you little ladies is a real princess I should tell you that the Goddess is in the market for a new doll, one that is an official princess (Nala doesn't seem to count), so don't fall asleep around her or you may get pressed into service.


  • Memere 5 years ago

    Cute twins. They are a very good size - most twins don't make it to 38 weeks before being born. None of the 6 sets in our family made it that far. Anyway - congrats to the new parents. Sharks are awesome and now there is a snorkel area at Blizzard Beach at DisneyWorld where you can actually swim with tiger sharks. It seems Tiger Sharks have never attacked humans. I must admit I was even impressed by the Discovery channels series on Sharks. It is quite the spectical.

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