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Sharks can do more than bite people

Super Shark Shooter Images
Super Shark Shooter Images
Paul Iuzzolino

Sharks can be the most fierce creatures of the water. Once you fall in the water and they spot you, you are pretty much gone. Also if you get blood in the water, they will be on you in less then a minute. Sharks have now stepped out of the water and are coming onto land to take care of the gators. In Super Shark Shooter, players take on the role of the shark and use weapons to kill the rest of the gators. As you level up, you could get upgrades and more lives to survive enemy attacks.

Super Shark Shooter Logo
Paul Iuzzolino

Gameplay: After you click on new game, you are brought to a customization screen, where you could customize aspects of your shark, such as head, body, legs, and fins. I really like all the options; you could make some nice combinations and have a unique looking shark. Once you have your shark, you begin going though the level and shoot the enemies. As you go through the levels, you can shoot barrels that contain ammo and health. The first level is pretty easy, but the helicopter at the end of the level is pretty tough. In most of the levels, you have to double-jump to reach some areas. After you complete the first level, you are brought to an upgrade screen.
In the upgrade screen, you will find various weapons that can be unlocked as you gain experience. You have four slots to hold weapons; when you have the appropriate amount of experience, you can choose which weapon to put in each slot. After you select your weapon, you are brought to the second level; this level contains a big up arrow that makes you jump higher. I also like how strategically the barrels are played in this level; you have to jump to the right spots to avoid dieing. The rest of the levels are really challenging, and provide fun and exciting gameplay.

Graphics: The sharks look nice and clear, and the levels themselves have a dark look to them, especially the bricks and background. You are mostly in a dark blue sky setting running and jumping on wood.

Controls: To move your shark, you use the w, s, a, and d keys. You use the mouse to aim and the left mouse button to shoot. You press the w key to double-jump; the double-jump comes in handy when you face big enemies shooting rockets at you.

Game Mechanics: The shark moves really well, and the double-jump works great during big boss battles. You have a good choice of weapons to use, such as automatics, shotguns, bazookas, and flamethowers. The automatics work pretty good, but the shotguns are better when you are surrounded by a lot of enemies. The bazookas are by bar the best weapons to use against the tougher enemies. The enemies are pretty hard as you go through every level; they shoot a lot of rockets at you, so running and jumping is the key to surviving.

Super Shark Shooter is a great shooting game. The game itself is easy to play, and the graphics are really unique, with stylish bricks and a dark blue background. The levels are designed really well, and provide nice challenges. You have a variety of weapons to choose from, and they all work good in their own way. The controls are easy to adapt to, and make for fun gameplay. The sharks have come out of the water, and now they are out to take care of the pesky gators.