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'Sharknado 2': NYC flying shark crisis offers treasure trove of celebrity cameos

"Sharknado 2" Tara Reid's hand was extended to a shark at 30,000 feet!
"Sharknado 2" Tara Reid's hand was extended to a shark at 30,000 feet!
Sharknado 2 promo

Sharknado 2” previewed last night on the SyFy Channel and while it's not a movie that will be in the running for an Oscar, it was an adventure as far as cameo shots go. The famous faces popping up offered a hunt in finding buried treasure for an hour and a half.

As soon as you heard that another “Snarknado” was in production, you just knew it would be hard to beat the chain sawing out of the belly of the beast scene from the first movie! It didn't let you down though, it had plenty of twists and turns.

As Fox News suggests in their article today, July 31, the “Sharknado” and “Sharknado 2” movies revived the careers of Tara Reid and Ian Ziering. These two were seen in all types of shark-infested perils in last night’s sequel when the sharks in the tornado hit New York City.

What was one of the more interesting aspects of the movie was the many cameo shots, starting with Kelly Osbourne as the overly friendly flight attendant when the movie opens. The great thing about “Sharknado 2” was that you knew what to expect when first tuning in.

It was like a bubble-gum horror movie with lots of comedy thrown in. When Tara Reid lost her hand to a flying shark while hanging out of a passenger jet at about 30,000-feet and survived, you just knew that this new “Sharknado 2” offering had some fun in store.

This was actually a blood and guts laced movie that you could comfortably enjoy a snack watching. The gore was toned down to where even the blood had a Kool-Aid consistency at times. According to the website VOX, the movie had 10 great lessons to pass along, but they two were based in comedy.

Visiting his ex-wife in the hospital, who just lost her hand to a shark, Fin tells her, "The next time you offer to lend someone a hand, don't be so literal about it." If this was a true movie of drama, you’d expect her to slap his face, or at least roll over in tears, but instead she smiles!

Incorporating Matt Lauer and Kelly Rippa into the movie, just doing their separate morning gigs while this storm is going on was ingenious. Having Judd Hirsch as the taxi driver was also a spin on the days of “Taxi” which didn’t slip by the baby boomers who tuned in.

Some reality based facts were woven into the story, such as looking for a gun in NYC during a catastrophe is an impossible feat. As far as outside power tools, like a chainsaw, you are out of luck if that’s what you’re shopping for while in the Big Apple.

You also learned that a Sharknado can come much further inland than you ever imagined. Some more tidbits thrown into the second flying shark offering were: Sky was Fin’s childhood sweetheart and New Yorkers are a tough group, even when it is raining sharks. Another useful skill shown last night for the first time; you can actually walk across the back of sharks, if there are enough of them, to make it to dry land.

When all is said and done, “Sharknado 2” was a fun escape from reality for an hour and a half!

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