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'Shark Week' in Texas: Giant tiger shark feeds homeless

Earlier this month, a fisherman in Texas caught an 809-pound tiger shark in the Gulf of Mexico. Around 75 pounds of the shark meat was donated to Timon's Ministries, an organization that ministers to the homeless and poor in Corpus Christi. It was a perfectly legal donation because the 12-foot, 7-inch shark was well over the legal size of 64-inches long according to a Monday report on

Dan Huber from the University of Tampa, Florida in the USA, examines the head of a Tiger Shark.
Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images

Fisherman Ryan Spring of San Antonio, Texas, caught the tiger shark in the Gulf of Mexico, and it took him seven hours to reel it in. A volunteer chef at Timon's Ministries prepared the shark meat; it was breaded and baked. Kae Berry, the center's director, said most people enjoyed the dish, according to the NY Daily Shark meat is actually a delicacy and is quiet expensive.

How hungry would you have to be to try an exotic food like shark that you had not previously experienced? It could be assumed that the baked shark was served with fries and Cole slaw or even hushpuppies. Many say that shark tastes like a combination of chicken and alligator.

So, this food donation and the subsequent seafood feast brings new meaning to “Shark Week” this year! It is a positive story, however, in a couple of ways. Giving to help others is always a good thing, and not letting nature’s bounty go to waste is also important. Texas is apparently following the lead of the authorities in Alaska who are very diligent about not allowing meat to go to waste, and there are very stiff penalties for doing so.

Timon's Ministries started in 2000 as an outgrowth of a sandwich ministry started in 1989 by St. Peters by the Sea. Several churches worked together to make it possible. Timon's serves between 80-100 guests six days weekly. The ministry has evolved into a day resource center offering showers, free clothing and medical/dental help. Although various news stories about this 809-pound shark mention homeless people being fed, the Timon's Ministries website states that 81% of their clients are not homeless but categorized as the working poor.

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