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Shark Week is Back

A photo of a great white shark
A photo of a great white shark

The 26th anniversary of Shark Week began on Sunday, Aug 4th and it made history. The first night broke a record with 4 million viewers which was the most watched episode ever on Shark Week. It continues to dominate social conversation year after year and there were 3 million page views on facebook.

The Discovery Channel Shark Week first broadcast on July 17th 1987. It is a week long series of feature television programs dedicated to sharks. Shark Week is held annually in July or August and it was developed to raise awareness about sharks.

Shark Week will feature new documentaries about the giant extinct shark, freshwater bull sharks near New Orleans and a look at rare deep sea sharks. Shark After Dark is a new feature to Shark Week and its a live talk show that will allow viewers to get interactive. Shark Week isn't just about education, scientific research and conversation, but it's also about entertaining the audience with shark humor.