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'Shark Week' documentary a great white lie?

"Shark Week" 2013 is being criticized for being a "great white" lie. The Discovery Channel, with its "Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives," much like Animal Planet did with "Mermaids: The Body Found," has put together another fake pseudo-documentary. And fans are not too happy.

Screen shot of 'Shark Week' series
Buzz 360

According to an August 8 Now report, fans are up in arms over another failed documentary, which was meant to entertain, but backfired when viewers discovered they were duped again.

The 2013 "Shark Week" Megalodon documentary kicked off this year's series with a fake story around a long-extinct predator that once prowled the oceans.

Like the "Mermaids" documentary, Discovery's show included an elaborate storyline, convincing CGI and all the elements of realism meant to dupe an uninformed viewer.

However, many fans of the cable channel didn't fall for the banana-in-the-tailpipe shark documentary.

Here are a few angry fans venting their dismay on Facebook about the fake "Shark Week" story"

"Discovery Channel Execs LISTEN UP! Shark Week has a cult following that's why you are celebrating 26 years of Shark Week, no need to dumb it down to try and get viewers." ~ Leigh Anne.

"Pretty sure this will be my last year of Shark Week, it's just not interesting anymore, blatant lying, cheap thrills and no science are not why I watch Shark Week. Looks like I'm heading over to NatGeo's Shark Fest for some better shows." ~ Alex Olsen.

"Shark Week is HORRIBLE this year!!! Mockumentairies and not very smart people going into cages looking for a bull shark on "Voodoo Shark"!! I want to see REAL marine biologists doing REAL research on ALL types of sharks. I love Whale Sharks, Tiger, Bull, Lemon, Reef, etc. what about them? Don't get me wrong I love Great Whites, they are my favorite, but there are other sharks out there. It is "SHARK WEEK"... Next year lets go back to the way it used to be!!" ~ Michelle Smith.

Although the "Shark Week" Megalodon is now outed as a fake documentary, the mission was likely accomplished.

Producers likely planned for the fallout and bad reviews, but in the end, it's all about the number of viewers, and reportedly, millions tuned in for the fiasco.

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