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Shark victim on attack: Victims speaks out about shark bite in California

Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

In shocking news this weekend, a man who was swimming in California was attacked by a shark. Lucky for him it simply bit his body and swam off instead of trying to take him with it. When the news came out, he was very quiet about it all but now the NY Post has a statement from him. On Sunday, they shared what this victim had to say.

Steven Robles is the victim. He actually takes swims on the weekend in this area all the time. The 7-foot shark had ended up on the end of a fisherman's hook earlier in the day and was trying to get free.

Here is what Steven had to say, "It came up to the surface, it looked at me and attacked me right on the side of my chest. That all happened within two seconds, I saw the eyes of the shark as I was seeing it swim towards me. It lunged at my chest, and it locked into my chest." He actually tried to pry the mouth of the shark open but it swam off from him.

Steven does this swim often and had actually already been going for about two miles before he got bit by the shark. The group called to a paddle boarder nearby and were able to put him on the paddle board and get him to shore. This was hard for them to do but they found a way to get him to shore.

The fisherman said that he was not trying to catch a shark but that was what happened. He was actually scared to cut his line and let it loose because he knew there were a lot of people swimming in the area. There are not a lot of shark sightings in this area but there are a few from time to time. Steven Robles is lucky to be alive.

CNN shared the news that he was actually bitten by a great white shark. All of the other swimmers in the water were able to make it to shore safely. They did clear out the beaches for a while to watch this shark go back out in the water and make sure that there were not any others around.

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