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Shark victim on attack: Shark clamped on victim's chest, attack enticed by chum?

The man who came face to face with a great white shark as it bit him in the torso, spoke with CNN from his home, where he is recuperating from the shark bite on Sunday, July 6. He talked about looking the shark right in the eye and also showed a little disbelief that someone would be foolish enough to “chum” for sharks off Manhattan Beach pier as swimmers were going by.

Shark victim on attack: He looked right into his eyes as he clamped onto his torso.
YouTube screen shot

This shark attack took place after a fisherman on the Manhattan Beach pier snagged the juvenile great white on his fishing pole. He was fighting for 40 minutes to reel it in. According to the victim from his hospital bed, Steven Robles, the shark was irate already when he came after him because he was stuck on the end of that fishing line, according to NDTV on July 6.

Robles swims with a group of eight to ten people from pier to pier every weekend at Manhattan Beach. He was in a group of eight swimmers at the time of the attack. He said that the seven-foot shark had been trying to free itself for about a half hour or so when it attacked and by then the shark was really agitated, according to CNN News.

“It came to the surface, it looked at me and attacked me, right on the side of my chest,” said Robles. This all happened within seconds, said the swimmer. He saw the shark’s eyes as he was coming closer to him and then the shark lunged at his chest and locked its jaws into his chest.

He said he “instinctively” tried to get the shark’s jaw open by prying it with his hand, but that didn’t work. Then the shark suddenly disappeared. He said he was in pain from the pressure the shark was applying to his chest.

The people on the pier who were wrangling in the shark were yelling at the swimmers to stay away, because there was a shark in the water. You can hear them on the video above actually laughing when the shark scares everyone and they scramble to the beach.

Robles said from his hospital bed that he couldn’t believe someone would do such a dangerous thing, to throw out chum and try and entice a great white shark into shore so they can catch one. The beach was filled with swimmers and surfers, so what this fisherman did was very dangerous.

After the shark let Robles go he started screaming that he’d been bit. His swimming buddies along with surfers in the water came to his rescue and got him into shore. Somehow they were able to get him on a body board that someone in the water was surfing on. When he was pulled up on shore the paramedics were already there waiting for him.

It is illegal to fish for great white sharks off Manhattan Beach. The Fisherman who caught the shark said he was trying to catch a bat ray and not a shark. The reason he didn’t cut the shark off his line right away was because he was worried about the swimmers in the area. He kept the fish on the line for 40 minutes say witnesses.

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