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Shark tubing woman: Shark slaps her face with fin, attacks leg exposing bone

A shark took a chunk out of this woman's leg while tubing in Florida.
Twitter/ Shark bite Florida

A 22-year-old woman lounging in a tube felt like something punched her in the leg. She realized that this was more than just a punch when a shark jumped out of the water so close to her that it's tail fin slapped her in the face. She then saw that her right leg had a sizable gash from a shark bite, according to NewsMax on June 3.

Jessica Vaughn was with some friends enjoying the water in a Florida inlet. They came in a boat, but floated in tubes alongside. She didn't want to get on the tube in the water, she had told her friends before deciding to join them.

Vaughn said she's always been frightened of water that is so dark and murky that you can't see what is underneath you. Well, you have to admit in this case, her instincts were correct.

A friend who was with Vaughn said that the shark came up from behind her and bit her leg, it got the lower part of her right leg. It was then that the shark jumped and "smacked its tail on the water." This is when it got her in the face with its fin. It took off right after that said, Peter Hogge.

The shark took off, which was lucky for Vaughn since there now was blood in the water from her open wound. She talked about this harrowing experience from her hospital bed where she is recuperating today. MSN News reports that Vaughn underwent a two-hour surgery on her leg for an open gash with muscle damage.

When she first realized that her leg was injured she though a "fish bit her," but once she got a look of her leg while still in the water, she realized that this wasn't a fish that did this to her.

Her friends saw that the bite on Vaughn's leg was serious and quickly got her back on the boat. When back on the boat they could see that the bite of the shark went right down to her bone. They applied pressure to the gash and got her to shore and to a hospital immediately.

The injury was bad and Vaughn's friends likely saved her life by applying pressure to the gash, said Timothy Heiser, the deputy Fire Chief for Fort Lauderdale Fire Department. They saved her by stopping the bleeding.

When they got back to the dock a neighbor called 911 when hearing Vaughn's friends call out for help. Vaughn is expected to make a "full recovery," but doctors expect it will take the next three to four months for her leg to heal. The picture of the gash is quite graphic, the shark really sank his teeth into her leg.

The media found Vaughn in good spirits eating "Shark Bites" fruit snacks and joking about the incident. She might heed her gut feelings from now on and stay out of the "murky water!"

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