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Shark tubing woman: Florida woman gets shark bite to leg while tubing

Photo by Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images

When you go on vacation to Florida, you assume that going out in the water will be fine. One woman was out having a good time and tubing when she ended up getting a shark bite on the leg. On Monday, MSN shared how this woman thought she just had a cut on her leg but it turned out to be a shark bite. Luckily she is going to recover just fine.

Jessica Vaughn had to go through a two hour surgery but is now recovering. She was out in the water when she felt what she said honestly felt like a punch in the leg. After that something hit her in the face and it was the fin of what she thought might be a shark. Her friends helped her to get back to the boat. Once on the boat, she looked at her leg and realized that she had been bitten by a shark.

It could have been a lot worse for Jessica Vaughn. She is very lucky that she survived and he just bit her on the leg and then obviously swam off to do something else. This is just a reminder of how much you should watch for sharks when on vacation out on the water.

Newsmax shared more information about the attack. Jessica says that she is someone that doesn't like to go into the water when you can't see it. She went anyway but now you know this girl will think twice about going out like that on the water. She has always had a feeling about something being under her in the murky water.

When they got her back to the dock, they called for help. A neighbor heard them and called 911 for her. She was taken to the hospital and did have to have surgery. There is a picture of her smiling and happy though. Jessica Vaughn is very lucky and doing great.