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‘Shark Tank’ season finale: ‘Foot Fairy’ iPad app, cookware pitched to investors

What will Mark Cuban invest in on the season finale of Shark Tank on ABC?
What will Mark Cuban invest in on the season finale of Shark Tank on ABC?
Photo by Noam Galai

The “Shark Tank” season finale might have fans perking up their ears on Friday night as there will be an invention that every parent will want to purchase after they see this amazing idea. The season finale will offer up a look back at some of the success stories, offer a moment with the entrepreneurs who discuss their experiences after the show and reveal how businesses have grown. According to Norfolk Country Gazette on Friday, the measurement of your child’s foot size using an app will be most intriguing pitch to the investors on the show.

The show will be highlighting a college sophomore from Illinois that has come up with a unique flat-folding, reusable storage box. Then a couple from Indiana hope to cook up a deal with their reinvented cookware. However, it is the two exuberant moms from California who have taken the pain out of shoe shopping for your kids with an iPad app that measures foot sizes that will draw plenty of attention.

The Foot Fairy iPad app is going to have parents thinking about the premise of buying shoes online without having to figure out how to size up the growing feet of a child. Showcasing how this app works, it provides a way to measure any foot using technology in the home by using the iPad and parents will know exactly what shoe size to buy instantly.

The Foot Fairy iPad app is definitely a stroke of brilliance. Viewers are interested in seeing which of the cast investors make an offer and decides to work with the entrepreneurs (and they would be fools not to because this iPad app is so cool.) It appears the show has saved the best for last and parents who want the convenience of shopping for their family at home definitely need to check out what the investors are considering on the season finale.

The “Shark Tank” season finale airs Friday on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.