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'Shark Tank' impresses with GrooveBook: How do you get one?

Lori Greiner
Photo by Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images

Last night on "Shark Tank" a lot of fans were impressed with a new product called GrooveBook. On this Jan. 11 episode, viewers saw this product that actually sends you 100 photos off your cell phone every single month. You can find out more about them on their website.

This product is really neat and is only $2.99 a month. You get to upload your photos to their app and also get a photo book mailed to you each month with free shipping. At this price the company is not making very much money though.

All of the sharks were pretty interested and asking a lot of questions about it. Mark thought it would be best if they work with another company like Shutterfly that people are already uploading their pictures to anyway. They thought their business was worth as much as $6 million.

GrooveBook was finally to accept an offer with Mark and Mr. Wonderful. They would be in charge of setting them up with other companies and the couple would keep doing the subscriptions on their own.

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