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Shark chokes on sea lion: Great white shark gulps sea lion whole and dies, video

A great white shark choked to death on a sea lion and people on the beach saw the creature thrashing around trying to dislodge his ill-fated dinner. It wasn't until a few days later when the shark washed up on the beach with the sea loin stuck in his throat that folks realized that all that thrashing wasn't for fun, he was trying to undo the large chunk of dinner he just swallowed.

Shark chokes on sea lion then gives people on the beach quite the show as it twist, turns and splashes trying to dislodge its dinner. It was to no avail, the sea lion was still stuck in its throat when it washed up on beach dead.
YouTube screen shot

According to the L.A. Times on July 17, the 13-plus-foot great white choked to death, which was confirmed by the Australia Department of Fisheries. On Saturday the playful looking shark splashing about in the shallow water caught the eye of some beach goers and they video taped the frolicking moves of the giant fish. Little did they know that this creature of the sea was in the middle of an internal struggle with a sea lion that proved too big to swallow whole and was now stuck in his throat.

Research scientist Rory McAuley posted the news of the choking shark on the Western Australia Department of Fisheries after they got a good look at the dead shark. A sea lion is no tiny animal, they can grow up to eight feet in length and top 660-pounds. Sharks wouldn't choke to death like humans. McAuley said there was a few different scenarios of how that throat obstruction could have ended the great white's life.

The sea lion lodged in its throat it could have done damage to the internal organs or the water flow into his gills could be blocked by the obstruction in its throat. The shark could have just gotten stranded while it fought with all its might to dislodge the sea lion, reports the Huffington Post today.

Many people who have seen or heard about the injuries and deaths that great white sharks are capable of might not care too much that this shark met its demise choking on another living thing. Some people have gone the extra mile to save a choking shark in the past.

Last year two men in Canada came across a Greenland shark that was choking to death on a beach. The shark had a moose hide hanging out of its mouth and it was struggling, according to the CBC News in an article from last year.

The men pulled the moose out of shark's mouth and then they tied a rope around its tail and pulled it into the water. Within seconds, water started coming out of the shark's gills. He was breathing again. That shark swam out to deep water and was gone, but he had a very close call. This great white in Australia didn't have that kind of luck, he died with his last supper wedged down his throat!

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