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Shark bite ruins Sunday fun day for Florida woman

Woman bares bite from shark after attack
Local 10 news

A 22-year-old Florida woman was bitten by a shark while wading in the Intracoastal Waterway by Bayshore Drive in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday.

Jessica Vaughn was in the water about to jump on the inner tube when she was attacked. Ironically just minutes before, she had joked with her friends about not wanting to get in the water for fear that something in there would get her. Her fears became a nightmarish reality when she experienced the vengeance of what is thought to have been a bull shark.

Friends said they heard her scream and then saw the blood. Apparently the shark gave a warning as Vaughn’s friends say they saw her get hit in the face by a shark's fin, then watched in horror as the creature attacked, leaving a deep bite baring two obvious sets of teeth.

"It came up from behind her and bit her leg and then kind of smacked its tail and most of its body out of the water," witness Peter Hogge told Local 10. "I saw it. I looked back and I saw it. I fish in the Intracoastal all the time. It was probably about a 4-foot bull shark."

"I saw her leg come up and her skin flap over, and I knew it wasn't good," friend Nick Russo, who was in the water with Vaughn when she was attacked, told WSVN.

"I'm in the water. She's bleeding everywhere," witness Kyle Branson said. "I'm not going to just leave her out there, so I tried to get her on the tube."

Friends heroically pulled her back on the boat and took her to shore. She was swiftly transported by Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue to Broward Health Medical Center where Vaughn underwent surgery and is recovering well. One friend says, “she took it like a champ.”

Although reported attacks are not common in the Intracoastal, it is said that sharks along with other sea creatures do in fact frequent the Intracoastal areas.

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