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Shark attacks swimmer: Viral video of shark attack at Manhattan Beach, Calif.

A swimmer was attacked by a great white shark that was in a panic because he was on the other end of a fisherman’s line. The swimmer, who was in training, was about 60 feet off shore and at the same time a nearby fishing boat had snagged the great white shark on its fishing line, according to the New York Daily News on July 5.

Swimmer attacked by shark at Manhattan Beach

The shark was irate and in somewhat of a panic when it swam too close to Manhattan Beach and encountered the swimmer. The shark bit him, taking him under for a second and to some surfers this looked like the man was having trouble swimming. They didn’t see the shark so they made their way over to the man to help until someone spotted the shark.

The Los Angeles Times reports today that this Saturday morning shark attack happened near Manhattan Beach Pier at about 9:30 a.m. according to witnesses. The surfers were cleared out of the water by the Los Angeles Police as they did an ocean rescue to bring the man to shore.

Witnesses said they could see the man bleeding near his right ribs. They also said that the man looked to be in shock when they took him out of the water. The shark was about seven-feet long, according to the witnesses.

One of the surfers started yelling “White, white!” and the surfers headed for shore. Aram Ozen, who was surfing nearby heard people “frantically scream” and then they “stampeded back to shore.

The shark bit the victim on the rib and he is in stable condition in the hospital after this Saturday morning shark attack.
The shark was located about 200 yards off Manhattan Beach by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s helicopter. They directed the lifeguards in boats to herd the shark out to sea. Lifeguards were instructed to close down two miles of the beach after the attack.

The area has had a series of shark sightings recently. A great white shark got way too close for comfort to paddle boarders last month at Manhattan Beach.

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