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Shark attacks swimmer: Great white bites swimmer in California

Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

In shocking news, a great white shark bit a swimmer in California. On Saturday, Reuters shared about what happened when a 7 foot white shark bit a man. This all went down at Manhattan Beach in Southern California where you would never expect to have a shark or need to be worried about something happening.

Luckily for the guy the shark bit him on the upper torso. After biting him, the shark released him and went on. This could have been a lot worse for the swimmer and he is a very lucky man to still be alive at this time. He did have a wound but was taken to the hospital and was doing fine.

Lifeguards do watch in this area and people are always swimming. The fact that the shark attacked made them decide to wait to watch it swim out to sea and not let anyone in the water for a bit. They kept everyone out of the water for about an hour after the attack. Shark attacks in this area are said to be very rare.

People do sometimes catch smaller sharks in this area when they are swimming. They do know that they are in the area but an attack isn't something that happens very often. Normally they stay far enough out in the water and don't bother anyone. They believe that this same shark may have been caught by a fisherman earlier in the day and then released.

CBS Local shared a bit more information about the big attack. The man was in critical condition to begin with but is now considered stable. It was a two mile stretch of beach that had to be shut down after the big attack. A sheriff's helicopter flew over the area making sure to warn all of the swimmers to get out of the water. They have not released the name of the victim yet.