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Shark attack: Doctor goes all Rambo in fight with shark, stitches own bite wound

A recent shark attack off the coast of New Zealand reads just like something you'd expect to see in a "Rambo" action adventure movie, or maybe a sensationalized macho satire of such, because in this true story, the lead role is played by a young doctor (of course), who is armed only with a knife (again, of course, what else?) and his will to survive. And the end of the story doesn't break theme. Read on...

Yahoo News (UK and Ireland) reported Jan. 27 that 24-year-old junior doctor James Grant had just entered the water at Garden Bay when he realized he'd been bit by a shark. Not only that, but the shark sunk its teeth in and refused to let go.

Armed with a diver's knife, Grant began reportedly stabbing the shark. He told that he was just trying to get the Seven-gill shark, a species known to attack humans off the New Zealand coast, off his leg.

"I sort of just fought the shark off," he said later. "The shark got a few stabs. The knife wasn't long enough though."

The shark finally let him go. Making his way back to shore, Grant called out to his friends who were spearfishing nearby.

By the time they got to him, he was already stitching up his wounds. So they went back to spearfishing while he administered to his own leg.

"I'm pretty happy I had such a thick wet suit on, too," he noted. The suit had several holes in it where the shark's teeth had punctured the material.

Seven-gill sharks can grow to about 3 meters (just over nine feet) in length.

He added: "I am pretty grateful to have my leg still."

But he walked away from the shark attack with some regret. He said, "It would have been great if I had killed it because there was a fishing competition on at the Colac Bay Tavern."

All stitched up, he and his fishing pals made their way to a local pub in Colac Bay. There, he had a beer and bandaged the wound -- so as not to stain the bar's carpet. They group then made their way to a hospital.

Yes -- in that order.

Just another day for a rugged junior doctor trying to have a good time with his mates, marred only by the inconvenience of a little shark bite...

Sounds almost like some testosterone-driven beer commercial, no?

New Zealand has seen less than a dozen fatalities from shark attacks in the last four centuries. There have been three times as many fatalities in the U. S. over the same period of time. There were two in Hawaii alone this past year and shark attacks appear to be on the rise in the waters around the state in recent years, prompting studies into the matter. In fact, the state reported a record number of attacks, 14, for the year 2013.

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